We offer tax advisory services in Corporate Tax, Transfer Pricing, M&A Transactions, Personal Income Taxation

  • Tax planning / Tax optimization / Tax risk assessment in corporate transactions, transformations.
  • Tax due diligence in M&A transactions
  • Representation in tax administration procedures and in tax litigation/mediation with tax authorities
  • Preparation and submission of binding / non-binding rulings
  • Review of contracts for tax purposes
  • Tax analysis / tax expert opinion / second-check

Transfer Pricing:

Drafting transfer pricing policies and internal regulations, transfer pricing documentation preparation and advisory, preparation, and submission of advanced pricing agreements (APAs)

Personal Income Taxation:

Private individual taxpayers are allowed to arrange their affairs in a manner that remains legal but which minimizes their taxation liabilities on their taxable income. With careful tax planning the taxable income in a tax year, your personal income taxes can be optimized. This is achieved by optimizing the difference between the net of assessable income less all allowable deductions for the year. We can also prepare your Hungarian personal income tax return and help you to submit it. Please send us your request to info@ccsg-hungary.com