Companies should be aware of the growing emphasis by the tax authority on full compliance with VAT obligations. It is increasingly turning to advance technologies for reporting obligations, to collect information and to audit companies’ activities. Although a growing number of countries are imposing requirements on companies to submit electronic data, there is still little harmonization of indirect tax reporting requirements in different jurisdictions, adding to global companies’ compliance obligations and the risk of making errors.

Following your VAT registration, we will make sure that 

  • your company is fully compliant VAT treatment of transactions, with the new rules on invoicing, applied exchange rates, submission and payment deadlines 
  • the accounting records are maintained in line with local standards, and that they are readily available for inspection by the tax authorities
  • we professionally administer inquiries and tax audits from the tax authority.

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VAT Compliance Packages

  • B2C – For Distance Sales Businesses, Only B2C: From 85 EUR
    • Data provided in excel
  • For Distance Sales Businesses, B2C and B2B: From 100 EUR
    • Data provided in excel
  • All other B2B Businesses – From 125 EUR
    • Data provided in excel