Fiscal Representation

Fiscal Representation Services Ensure seamless compliance with Hungarian VAT regulations through our fiscal representation services.

Fiscal Representation Registration

Our company, CCSG Fiscal Representative Kft, meets the legislative criteria to act as a fiscal representative in Hungary. After a preliminary analysis of the supply chain, we make a proposal as to whether the establishment of a fiscal representation is deemed necessary, and in this case we start the registration process. In doing so, we will send you a list of the necessary documents to be submitted, after which we will register the fiscal representation within two weeks.

Compliance Management

We will manage the ongoing periodical VAT compliance of your company in the frame of the fiscal representation.

Tailord Guidance

Personalized advice and upfront country-specific information.

Streamlining EU Customs

A Hungarian Fiscal Representation  can be particularly interesting for non-EU companies which are passing their goods through the EU and would like have them cleared for customs purposes before their delivery to their final EU destination. This way they will not have to undergo further customs interference in the final EU destination country, making their supply processes quicker.

Understanding Liability

The Hungarian tax authority regards the Fiscal Representative as the local agent of the foreign trader, which is held jointly and severally liable for the taxes of the trader up to 150 mn HUF. Thus, the Fiscal Representative is assigned and responsible for the management and settlement of VAT on behalf of the trading company, in accordance with the local regulations.

We offer flexible compliance fee packages tailor-made to your business needs. Please send us your request to