EU Holding Company Formation

We offer EU Company Formation and Business Administration Services in Hungary. 

Hungary has the lowest corporate income tax rate in the EU: 9%. It also has a wide range of double tax treaties. This offers a great opportunity for international tax planning, such as the formation of an EU holding company. This could be a good tool for a non-EU business to get a foot in the EU without having to open a fiscal representation in each EU member state. Please contact us and request a fee proposal:

Service Offerings

Company Formation Assistance

Expert guidance on the formation of your EU holding company in Hungary. Assistance in navigating legal requirements and documentation for company registration.

Tax Planning and Compliance

Tailored tax planning strategies to optimize your company's tax liabilities. Ongoing tax compliance services to ensure adherence to Hungarian tax regulations.

Business Administration Support

Professional assistance in local project company establishment, including legal and accounting services. Provision of company seat and ongoing accounting and tax compliance services to minimize administrative burden.

Why Choose Us


Our team possesses extensive experience in EU company formation and business administration services in Hungary.

Tax Optimization

Benefit from our knowledge of Hungarian tax laws and double tax treaties to maximize tax efficiency.

Comprehensive Support

From company formation to ongoing administration, we provide end-to-end assistance to meet your business needs.

Contact us today to request a fee proposal and explore how our EU holding company formation and business administration services can support your business goals in Hungary and the EU market

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