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Professional assistance in tax audits

We have strong experience in providing professional tax assistance to companies audited by the Hungarian tax authority. When a company receives a notification of an upcoming tax audit from the tax authority it has limited time to act. It has deadlines to meet, documents to collect, filing records to review and provide the tax authority with the required and adequate information. The Hungarian tax authority communicates only in Hungarian and requires the data to be provided in a certain format to be sent electronically online. If you would like to rely on local tax professionals who can assist you in all this, please contact us.

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Tax Advisory

We offer tax advisory services in Corporate Tax, Transfer Pricing, M&A Transactions, Personal Income Taxation Tax planning / Tax optimization / Tax risk assessment in corporate transactions, transformations. Tax due diligence in M&A transactions Representation in tax administration procedures and in tax...

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Business Administration

We can help you in local project company establishment by providing legal and accounting professional assistance. We can also provide company seat and ongoing accounting and tax compliance services. Your personal involvement in the administrative issues will be minimalized and your attention...

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Tax Audit Assistance

Navigating a tax audit can be daunting for any business. Our Tax Audit Assistance service offers expert support and guidance to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. Whether you're facing an audit from local tax authorities or undergoing a comprehensive examination...

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Streamlining EU Customs

A Hungarian Fiscal Representation can be particularly interesting for non-EU companies which are passing their goods through the EU and would like have them cleared for customs purposes before their delivery to their final EU destination. This way they will not have to undergo further customs interference...

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